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What You Can Expect!

1.  Excellent Communication

  • Unless we are with another client, we WILL answer the phone.  If we are with another client, we will call you back ASAP.

  • This includes before, during and after your project.  


2.  Punctuality

  • When you schedule an appointment, we will give you a time range of when we will be at your residence.  We will arrive on schedule or communicate ahead of time.  We can't give an exact time, unless it's the first job of the day, due to the unknown variables of each situation in the field. 

3.  Quality

  • We will do the job right and stand behind our work.


4.  Integrity

  • If it's not broke, we won't fix it.  We will be honest with what's wrong and only charge you what's necessary to get your system up and running correctly.  We will let you know any upgrade options, but never present them as mandatory.  

5.  Professional Appearance

  • We show up with the right equipment, professional collared uniforms, and we have a no smoking policy for all of our employees.

6.  We Lock Gates

  • Our policy is to make sure that all gates are closed and locked before leaving the job site.  This increases the safety and security of your home.  It also cuts down on you having to search the neighborhood for your dog.  

7.  Fair pricing

  • We believe you get what you pay for in regards to the total package.  We may not be the cheapest, but when we're done you won't have to clean up the mess we made or worry if we took advantage of you in any way.  We can give you approximate prices over the phone based on your description of what's happening and an exact amount after we review in person.  Sometimes there are multiple problems that have to be dealt with one at a time.  We will let you know of any additional problems we uncover and associated costs so you can make the decision of what you are willing to pay.  


8.  Convenient Billing

  • We offer convenient credit card billing, so you are squared away with peace of mind.

9.  Customer First Approach

  • It's about more than the money.  We believe that our business is bigger than just money.  Our goal is to satisfy every customer.  The client is always more important than the money paid for the job. 

Nebrascut underground irrigation

Customer First Approach

While we are in business to make money, we believe that there are principles that can't be compromised.  One of our governing principles is that the client is more important than money.  This can be seen in several different ways.


  • First, on the initial call, we will communicate clearly in regards to pricing.  We will also be very clear that we can only give an estimate on repairs over the phone and until we get on the job site and uncover the issues and circumstances surrounding them, we can't be certain.  While we do lose some jobs because we communicate estimates upfront, we would much rather do this than surprise a client with the cost on an invoice. 

  • Once we are on the job site, we will work as quickly as possible. This is to minimize the cost without compromising quality. 

  • We will not try to "sell" the client any work or material they don't want.  We will only perform repairs requested by the client.  If requested or if we see a major concern, we will give our professional opinion on what is needed and any other items that might be beneficial to the client, but there will never be any pressure.   

  • During the job, if we uncover something unexpected, we will bring the client up to date and get their agreement before moving forward. 

  • After the job, we offer to walk the client through exactly what was done and see everything working as expected before we leave the site. 

  • If for any reason the client is not satisfied, we want to hear about it so we can make it right.  We will give the client the same level of respect and service after the job is completed if any issues should arise.     

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