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Sprinkler repair


underground sprinkler repair Seward


After you’ve invested the time and resources into a residential irrigation system it’s important to keep it properly maintained. We at NebrasCut can help ensure that your system is working it's best all season long. We do that by continuing our education in the world of Water Management and Irrigation. Within the past year we have 40 hours of in class training at the RainBird Academy and have also completed over 20 hours of CEU's online.  We do that so that we can provide you, our customer, with the best service possible.   

Properly maintaining your home irrigation system will help you:

  • Effortlessly maintain a healthy lawn

  • Ensure you don’t under or over-water your grass

  • Conserve water thus lowering water bills

underground sprinkler repair Seward
sprinkler repair near me
sprinkler repair near me



We will get your residential irrigation system up and running properly after it’s been dormant all winter by evaluating performance and troubleshooting potential issues. We will also perform an annual tune-up, checking each sprinkler head, overall water pressure, batteries, and the zones from the controller.


Partway through the summer, we’ll come back and perform another tune-up to adjust sprinkler heads and timers that help keep your grass green through the hottest and driest months of the year.


When the watering season ends in the Midwest, we’ll prepare your system for the arrival of freezing temperatures. That consists of turning off the main water line in order to blow out the backflow and irrigation lines to prevent winter damage.

underground sprinkler repair Seward


When something goes wrong it means that you cannot use one zone or possibly your entire system.  We know that you want a nice yard to enjoy just like we do. That is why we will make it a priority to get to you ASAP.  

We specialize in the following areas:


Sprinkler Troubleshooting & Repairs to include:

  • Timer/controller troubleshooting and replacement 

  • Leak detection and repair

  • Valve repair and replacement

  • Valve finding

  • Electronic troubleshooting and repair

  • Adding extensions to spray heads and rotors for proper height and coverage

  • Adjusting spray heads and rotors for proper coverage

  • Replacing broken spray heads and rotors

  • Repairing drip irrigation


​·  Small reroutes with additional valves and heads


·  System maintenance


·  Opening and training new homeowners on their system 

·  Adjusting existing systems to landscape & architectural changes on the property

·  Solving coverage issues

·  Optimizing your system with new technology

Sprinkler repair, Nebrascut


  • Installations

  • Large reroutes

  • ​Backflow repairs or replacements

  • Onsite quotes

​​       There are a few reasons we don't do quotes:

  1.  The first is a practical reason in that it takes time away from being able to serve our clients.  Many times we are booked 1-8 weeks out.  To add onsite quotes to this packed agenda only delays our ability to serve our clients.

  2. Since we don't do installs or major reroutes, most of the time we can give a general estimate based on the average type of repair over the phone.

  3. It is extremely difficult to give quotes without doing initial troubleshooting, which requires work.  Most of the issues are not visible but deal with underground piping and wiring that require digging, special equipment or both.  This would require charging clients in order to sustain our business.  

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